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News Advanced Technology, Advanced Healthcare

Advanced Technology, Advanced Healthcare

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Centralia, IL (September, 2015)  -  SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Centralia again brings advanced technology close to home with the mobile GE Discovery ST imaging scanner. This superior technology helps physicians deliver better cancer care from diagnosis to follow up.

The high resolution PET/CT scanner with 16-slice image is a significant enhancement from the previous 4-slice scanner, which also includes 2D and 3D imaging capability. The equipment features improved lesion detectability and faster scan times, giving clinicians both metabolic and anatomic information in one 30 minute scan.

A PET scan detects changes in cellular function – how cells are ​utilizing nutrients like sugar and oxygen intake, and areas with a high degree of metabolic activity which have a greater chance of being cancerous. A CT scan allows doctors to view metabolic activity and pinpoint where abnormal lesions are located so that they can target the disease. Combining PET and CT into one exam gives doctors two crucial pieces of information to help them prescribe the best course of treatment for their patients.

“With the Discovery ST we see improved images for diagnosis and the turn-around time and image capture is all done within moments after the test is complete,” says Michael Bratcher, Director of Radiology at St. Mary’s Hospital. “With our previous service the receipt of images might take an additional day. This faster turnaround has been very positively received by our Mayo-clinic led radiologist team.”

The high technology PET/CT imaging, along with many other advances St. Mary’s Hospital has made in health care, delivers quality health care close to home. The PET/CT is available every Wednesday at St. Mary’s Hospital-Centralia. To learn more speak with your primary care provider about testing options.