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News No More Waiting in the Waiting Room

No More Waiting in the Waiting Room

Online Service Allows Patients with Minor Emergencies to Wait at Home Instead of ER or Convenient Care

Why sit in an emergency room (ER) waiting room when you can relax at home? Thanks to a new online service, St. Mary’s Hospital and Good Samaritan Regional Health Center Emergency Department patients along with Good Samaritan Convenient Care patients with minor emergencies can go online to hold their place in line. Instead of sitting in the waiting room, patients can select a projected treatment time online and relax at home or the location of their choice until it is time to go the facility for treatment.
How does it work?  It’s easy:
1. Go to 
2. Choose the location,
St. Mary’s Hospital ER, Good Samaritan Regional Health Center ER, or Convenient Care
3. Select a projected treatment time
4. Fill out a simple form
5. Relax comfortably at home or the location of your choice until it’s time to go!
Based on previous experiences and data, this new service is expected to increase patient satisfaction, especially for those with minor emergencies. Additionally, this service should streamline throughput in the ER, eventually leading to an increase in overall capacity. 

“While this service is not meant to eliminate waiting times, it will give people a more convenient option when needing treatment,” explained Phil Gustafson, President and CEO of St. Mary’s Good Samaritan.  “I am confident this service will enhance experiences with our ERs and will give patients another reason to choose us when they need care.”
If a situation is an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.  For more information to help determine when to use an emergency room versus the Convenient Care, visit
To learn more or to hold your spot, please go to