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News Foundation Supports Advancements in Breast Health

Foundation Supports Advancements in Breast Health

Mt. Vernon, IL

Cancer ranked the fifth highest priority in the Community Health Needs Assessment completed by Good Samaritan Regional Health Center.  The second most common type of cancer diagnosed in 2013 at Good Samaritan was breast cancer, following lung cancer.   With this in mind, increased energy was placed in expanding breast health services.  Through the generosity of Good Samaritan Regional Health Center Foundation, a comprehensive breast health program is firmly in place.

"Thanks to our Foundation, we are introducing 3-D Mammography to our state-of-the-art hospital," states Phil Gustafson, President / CEO of St. Mary's Good Samaritan, Inc.   "Behind this new technology, we have a Mayo-trained radiologist who specializes in breast imaging.   We offer stereotactic breast biopsy for less invasive procedures.   We have an excellent plastic surgeon, and general surgeons who are experienced in breast procedures.    Our patients even have the support of a dedicated Nurse Coordinator to answer questions, provide education, and help to coordinate follow-up.  It's a truly comprehensive breast health program."

Mike Warren, President of Good Samaritan Regional Health Center states, “The Foundation has been generous in their support of this equipment by donating $500,000 toward the purchase”. Warren explains, “One of the greatest advantages of 3-D mammography technology is the ability of the Radiologist to detect abnormalities sooner and early detection equates increased survival rates for breast cancer patients”.

Comprehensive breast health services at Good Samaritan include the 3-D Tomosynthesis Unit, stereotactic and ultrasound guided biopsy, MRI Breast Imaging, Mayo Clinic trained Radiologist, Nurse Navigator, and Plastic Surgery along with ACR accredited Breast Center of Excellence and ACR accredited Breast Ultrasound.  Warren states, “Our patients are our top priority and we are proud that what we are offering in breast health is comparable to what is offered by the leading breast centers in St. Louis”.

“Without the contributions from our supporters, the Foundation would not have been able to make this purchase for Good Samaritan," states Norma Fairchild, Foundation Board Chairperson.  "We are most grateful to all of our friends who have generously supported the Foundation."
To learn more about 3-D mammography or to schedule an appointment, call 618.899.1234.  Evening and weekend appointments are available.  Learn more about Good Samaritan Regional Health Center Foundation

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Photo:  standing left to right with the new 3-D mammography machine are: Foundation Board Members Arpana Oza, Bob Brown and Craig Hedin; St. Mary's Good Samaritan President Phil Gustafson; Foundation Board Members Paul Coats, Cleo Holt and Bill Beck; Vice President Fund Development Bruce Flanigan; Foundation Board Member Rex Cusumano; and Good Samaritan  President Mike Warren.  Seated left to right are Jerrold C. Willis, MD and J. Ryan Willis, MD.