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News Endocrinologist Rahul Sharma, MD welcomed to Mt. Vernon

Endocrinologist Rahul Sharma, MD welcomed to Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon,

​SSM Health Medical Group announces the addition of Rahul Sharma, MD, endocrinologist, to their broad array of health care providers serving the region. 

"We are pleased to welcome Dr. Sharma to our team," said Matthew Sojka, MD, Regional President of SSM Health Medical Group.  "Diabetes has become an epidemic and our primary care providers need assistance to take care of patients with endocrine issues and there currently isn't another endocrinologist practicing in the area."  

Diabetes, metabolic disorders and disorders of the endocrine are Sharma's focus.  He treats Type I and II diabetes, gestational diabetes, those with continuous glucose monitors, insulin resistance, thyroid nodules, menopause, osteoporosis, hypertension, cholesterol, lipid disorders, infertility – many area which do not commonly come to mind when thinking about the endocrine system. 

Sharma was raised in the north part of India and that is also where he attended medical school, in Punjab. He enjoys Mt. Vernon as the size is similar to his home town.  He completed a residency in Madison, Wisconsin and trained at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio so the Midwest is comfortable and familiar to him and his family. 

"Dr. Sharma is a very nice individual," states Sojka. He wanted to practice in the Midwest and in a place where there was a true need for his specialty and he could make a different.  Mt. Vernon and the surrounding community will reap the benefit of this physician.  Sharma chose endocrinology as he saw first-hand how diabetes affected his parents and his sister. 

"We are enjoying the community and everyone has been so welcoming," states Sharma. As they have made Mt. Vernon their home, Sharma, his wife and daughter enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with family.  "People in the Midwest are friendly and we like that."

Sharma provides inpatient consultations at SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital and his clinic is located in Mt. Vernon at 2 Good Samaritan Way, Suite 420 and may be reached by calling 618-899-4000.  Learn more about Dr. Sharma and our endocrinology services