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News Emmalyn's Story - As told by her mother, Amy McDermott

Emmalyn's Story - As told by her mother, Amy McDermott

St. Louis,

Thank  you for allowing us to share our story of our "boo-boo journey". My daughter Emmalyn will be three in September, so this whole process was a very scary thing for us all! 

Emmalyn was playing in the floor with her daddy, and was being just a normal rough and tough little girl when we heard a very large pop and away we went to the emergency room. We hopped in the car, dressed in the fancy get up of our pajamas, and began the process! 

Upon arrival to the SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital emergency room we were met with prompt care by the ER staff.  Several made our visit above expectation and it was a lot more than I expected to be completely honest!! Emmalyn was beyond upset, she could not catch her breath, she was in pain, and our beginning nurse, Dana Keyes, RN, bent over backward to help to calm her down and to help us as well to be as calm as possible! 

Our nursing staff was exceptional and we had a couple of nurses that are above, in my opinion, the best! My little girl was upset and this mama needed people to take care of her and make it better....and that happened!! Dorothy Larson & Stacey were nurses that I am so thankful for that I pray in an emergency are there every time!! My baby was treated like she was theirs and given the attention that they would give their own child or grandchild.  For a parent that is huge!! 

Emmalyn had x-rays at SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital and the staff in x-ray was amazing with Emmalyn despite her pain, our fear and all of our concern;  they never missed a beat!! We worked with the ER physician to begin the process to send Emmalyn to Cardinal Glennon because at that point we were not sure if she would need surgery (a parents worse nightmare WAITING!).  We were told they did not think she would need surgery but she would need to be seen by the pediatric orthopedic specialists.  So, a temporary cast was placed and we were sent home with the reassurance that Cardinal Glennon would call us the next morning.  

That was the hardest part! Emmalyn was still in some pain and it was very hard to handle that piece of the process for us! Emmalyn was treated and casted at Cardinal Glennon's Maryville extension, with amazing compassion.  This was a great thing for us as we were able to go to a smaller office, less hoopla, and have treatment and Emmalyn was able to get "her booboo" taken care of!! 

Emmalyn went into the cast on July 18 and we were told that she was to be in the cast for a four week process. This is the hardest part of it all as we were right in the middle of the summer!! My baby loves to swim, play outside, and have fun. This was a huge adjustment to us and to her! This caused us, as a family, to have to just stop and take a step back!!

I work for SSM Health Medical Group and recently transferred to work in Dr. Beyer's office.  To learn about the types of patients he worked with, we began talking about ages of patients he saw for orthopedics, and it clicked! Hey, my child is in a cast! We talked about my daughter and he said, "I can take care of her right here!"  I said "really"? He said, "sure, I would be happy to"!! As a mom I had to stop and think about this for a second! Now why would I let this guy take care of my child? 

Let me explain why I allowed Dr. Beyer (in photo at right) to remove my daughter's cast.  I didn't do it because I work here, I did it because for the last several weeks I have watched Dr. Beyer's interactions with people. Watched his interactions with others and listened. I can promise as a mother, my daughter is my 100% first priority and after riding in a car with her in pain, crying, begging me to fix her boo-boo, I have to make sure this is the best decision for her, for her care, for my child. I did not give him an answer right away! I waited a while, then I said one afternoon, "Ok, you can take Emmalyn cast off when it is time". 

Upon coming into the room, Dr. Beyer got down on the floor to her level! Her pediatrician does that, no one else that has ever treated her has done that! He gave her the utmost attention and talked to her, not at her. He asked my husband and I afterwards if we had any questions about what to do next.  Even after the cast removal Dr. Beyer asked Emmalyn if she was ok. That, as a mother, is HUGE to me! 

I have the utmost respect for what the doctors and nurses do here in our SSM Health Medical Group, but when they care for my child, it totally makes all the difference in the world to me!! THANK YOU!"


Amy McDermott is a Physician Office Assistant with SSM Health Medical Group - Orthopedics in Centralia, Craig Beyer, MD.  She has worked for SSM health for 4 years.