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Weight Management Services | SSM Health Illinois
ssm health weight management services in illinois

SSM Health Weight Management Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SSM Health Weight Management Services is committed to relieving suffering from clinically severe obesity.

Patient Testimonial: DeAna Manns' Story

"This was a program I did for Mother's Day, several years ago. This was a size 30 dress when I weighed 350 pounds. I still have the hat. I won't give it up, that was my mother's. But, to see where I was there and see where I am now… miles, miles of difference. And I'm thrilled," states DeAna Manns as she recounts her weight management journey. 

Our comprehensive weight-loss surgery program has the ultimate goal of helping people live better quality, healthier and longer lives. We address all your healthy weight management needs leading up to and following bariatric ​surgery and offer​ support groups. All aspects of this program are conveniently located on the campus of SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Centralia

We strive to improve your health by helping you achieve lasting weight loss that reduces life-threatening risk factors and enhances daily living.​


Available Weight Management Services:

​ ​

​An Expert Bariatric Surgeon With Proven Results 

Deepu Sudhakaran, MD​, is an experienced bariatric surgeon with proven results. He has performed thousands of advanced laparoscopic procedures, including more than 500 weight-loss surgeries. Almost all his bariatric procedures are laparoscopic or minimally invasive. 

Patients of Dr. Sudhakaran have a 98 percent success rate in losing more than 75 percent of their excess body weight. His surgeries have a 3-year zero-motality rate with a complication rate of less than one percent. 

Dr. Sudhakaran has been performing weight-loss surgeries and follow-up care​ in Southern Illinois for more than four years. ​

SSM Health Weight Management Location

​432 N. Pleasant Ave.
Centralia, IL 62801
Map & Directions​ ​