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Surgical Services da Vinci Robotic Surgery
da vinci surgical robot

da Vinci Robotic Surgery

SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital - Mt. Vernon has two da Vinici robots for performing surgeries, allowing more complex surgeries to be done with a minimally invasive approach.  

Benefits of a da Vinci surgery can include:

  • ​Reduced pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Decreased need for blood transfusion 
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Shorter hospital stay (in some cases)
  • Quicker recovery 
  • Faster return to normal daily activities 
  • Small incisions for minimal scarring
  • Better outcomes and patient satisfaction, in many cases

da Vinci Robotic Surgery Procedures

  • Colon resections
  • Gallbladder surgery
  • Hys​terectomies
  • Nephrectomies
  • Prostatectomies

Single-Site Gallbladder Surgery

One of the leading examples of our robotic technology is single-site gallbladder surgery. With the enhanced precision of the da Vinci robot and years of expertise from our surgeons, gallbladders can be removed through one small incision, leaving little to no visible scarring and generally letting patients return home within a few hours.

Da Vinci Hysterectomy Surgery

A hysterectomy procedure done using the da Vinci Surgical System may result in smaller incisions, minimal pain and a low rate of complications. One in three women in the U.S. will have a hysterectomy before she turns 60. Cleared by the FDA in 2005, surgeons have performed more than 100,000 da Vinci Hysterectomies. 

Common conditions that result in hysterectomy 
  • ​Endometriosis to uterine fibroids, 
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding to cancer 
Da Vinci hysterectomy surgery vs. traditional open hysterectomy surgery 
  • Requires only 4 dime-sized incisions vs. one 8-to-10-inch inci​scion for a traditional hysterectomy  
  • Reduces hospital stay to 1 night instead vs. 3 days
  • Recover in less than two weeks vs. 6-8 weeks
  • Significantly less pain
  • Complications in about 2% of cases vs. 17% for traditional

Call 618-899-3980 to learn more about advanced surgical procedures available close to home. 

We pre-register all scheduled surgical patients so the paperwork is complete, reducing any delays on the day of the surgery. Otherwise, a staff person from our surgical department will call you directly to complete the pre-registration.