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Rehabilitation​ Stroke Rehabilitation Services
stroke rehabilitation services

Stroke Rehabilitation Services

​​​​​​Beginning a rehabilitation program as soon as possible after a stroke is very important. To assist in recovery, an intensive therapy program helps individuals regain function and relearn skills. A specialized rehabilitation program provided by rehabilitation professionals enhances and enables individuals to reach optimal recovery.​

A stroke may be accompanied by a variety of problems, including:

  • Difficulty speaking​
  • Inability to walk 
  • Loss of memory
  • Balance
  • Impaired use of extremities on both sides of the body
  • Impaired use of one side of the body
The effects of stoke vary in both severity and permanence, depending on which brain cells have been damaged and the body's ability to repair its system of supplying blood to the brain. 

​Contact us at 618-899-3100 (Mt. Vernon) or 618-436-8641 (Centralia) for more information.