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Maternity Services hospital-checklist



hecklist. Packing for the Hospital 
It is beneficial to have your bag packed and ready to take to the hospital several weeks before your due date, so when labor begins -- you'll be ready!  Below is a list of common items to pack for both mom and baby:

For Mom 
​ Bathrobe/night gown (if you want to wear your own) 
 Toiletry items 
 Lip balm 
 Camera and film/tape 
 Relaxation aids: Tapes, games, books, magazines 
 Inspiring photographs (of your other children, a favorite place) 
 Going home clothing (usually about the size worn during the fifth month of pregnancy)  
 Nursing bra 
 Breast pads 
 Sanitary napkins (not tampons) 
 Address book and prepaid phone card to call family and friends 
 CD/Tape player 

For Coach

 Change of clothes 
 Lotions/oils for massage 
 Items for back labor massage 
 Watch for timing contractions 

For Baby (These can be brought in after delivery)

 Infant car seat 
 Going home outfit 
 Receiving blanket 
 Socks or booties 
 Snowsuit in winter 
You may have your baby at your bedside while you are in the hospital. This is a great opportunity to establish breast feeding and get to know the new member of your family. 
•Family and friends who are visiting, who wish to hold your baby, must first wash their hands. 
Preparing to Go Home:

•A picture of your baby will be taken soon after birth. A pamphlet from the photography company will be given to you with ordering information. There is no obligation to purchase these pictures. You will also be given the option of putting your baby's photo and birth announcement on St. Mary's Good Samaritan's "Visit our Nursery" web site so that family and friends--no matter where they live-- can quickly see your new baby. 
•Babies are fed on demand, depending on the needs of baby and mother. Your nurse will provide support and assistance with your infant feeding choice. We have lactation consultants available for breast feeding assistance and there are daily breast feeding classes held by our lactation consultants. Individual assistance is also available. 
•Your nurse will review discharge instructions with you so that you will be more comfortable with your discharge plans. 
•Check with your nurse for information on new parent educational videos. These tapes are available on request for viewing in your room. All patient rooms have video players in them. 
•It is a state law that all infants and children travel in a car seat.  
•You and your physician will discuss your plans to go home from the hospital. You may want to discuss discharge plans during one of your office visits prior to coming to the hospital. Your nurse will go over this discharge information with you. 
•When you are ready to leave the hospital, a staff member will check the baby's identification with you. You will be asked to read and sign the newborn identification record. 
•Your departure from the hospital ends one of the biggest adventures you and your baby will ever have, but it is the beginning of a journey that we hope will be filled with lifetime of love. 
•Your nurse will arrange for someone to escort you and your newborn to your car.