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Emergency Services Emergency Services
emergency services at good samaritan & st. mary's

Emergency Services



When to go to the ER or Urgent Care?

Check out this infographic about when to go to an Express Clinic vs. when to go the Emergency Room. In the case of a minor emergency, you can hold your place online in the emergency room at Good Samaritan Hospital - Mt. Vernon or St. Mary's Hospital - Centralia​. 

About Our Emergency Servi​ces 

  • ​Staffed by experienced Emergency Department physicians trained in a full range of medicine, from trauma care to general pediatrics and adult medicine
  • Access to SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Hospital Telemedicine Services - Learn more​.
  • Designated ‘Stand-By Emergency Departments for Pediatrics’ by the Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Expert in providing consistent, quality treatment in critical situations, following national standards for heart failure, stroke and pneumonia. 
Also, Good Samaritan Hospital - Mt. Vernon is supported by board-certified specialists who consult on Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics​ and Radiology patients. 

​ ​

​Leading Heart Attack Care in Southern Illinois

SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital - Mt. Vernon's emergency heart-attack care is:
  • Faster than the national standard in treatment of heart attacks by more than 20 minutes
  • The largest heart program in Southern Illinois, outside of Carbondale 
  • The regional heart center for emergency departments in the area
  • Home to four interventional cardiologists
  • STEMI protocols in place that have led to fast, quality heart attack care 
Learn more about our Heart Services​ and our team of cardiologists​.

Our Emergency Room Locations

Emergency Preparedness for Disaster / Industrial Accidents

Our Mt. Vernon campus serves as the Regional Resource Facility of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)​ for nine counties in Southern Illinois. Leaders from our Emergency Department coordinate the development of plans, training, and emergency-preparedness drills throughout Jefferson County, including personnel from the hospital, the Fire Department, the Police Department, paramedics of area ambulance and helicopter services, and other key groups from the region. This established disaster plan includes protocols to provide treatment for increased numbers of victims including those with burn, chemical exposure/respiratory distress, and other traumas. 

At Good Samaritan Hospital - Mt. Vernon, the new hospital features a fixed decontamination room that is accessible from the outside and connects directly into the Emergency Department after the decontamination is complete.